Tonight: It won't be too dramatic tonight, but with a low in the high-20s, cloudy skies and light winds, it will feel cool enough to wear a jacket.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

Tomorrow: We expect a high in the upper-30s, nearing the averages expected during this time of year. Skies will be mostly cloudy, so it will feel dull outside. With the morning starting out cool, keep a jacket on your person while traveling.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

Sunday: Not only will see temperatures in the low-30s, but a system will bring snow showers into the viewing area. Most of the snowfall will take place in the late afternoon through late evening. Make sure to bundle up and drive safely, as we expect enough snowfall to cause some problems on the roads.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

7-Day: Once Sunday passes, that will be the last day for normal temperatures. Highs in the twenties will mean a much cooler than usual Spring Break. Enjoy the weekend while you can, because it will be very cool over the next few days. Finally, on Friday, we might see another chance for snow showers. In short, this spring break will feel like winter break 2.0.

Photo Provided by NewsLink Indiana Weather Team

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