MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)--- Three debates have come and gone and soon, students will head to the polls to vote for the slate they want to see take power. With the campaigning ramping up so are the number of endorsements.


Elevate has been endorsed by Ball State University Army ROTC,The Ball State Women's Soccer club, Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, The Men's Rugby Football Club, current SGA President Pro Tempore Kam Bontrager, current SGA secretary Kyleigh Snavely and current SGA vice president Matt Hinkleman.

"Endorsements signify trust and more than that, endorsements by organizations signify trust from not one, but multiple individuals. We are proud to have gained the trust of five reputable organizations on this campus. We hope to continue to be considered by many other organizations on this campus and we hope they see the benefit that endorsing our slate would present for their respective organizations," Elevate said in a statement to NewsLink Indiana.


Empower has been endorsed by former SGA President James Wells. Wells served as SGA president from 2016 to 2017. Empower says that they will be providing more information as far as endorsements and a statement at a later time.


United has not publicly sought any endorsements, but they did release this statement:

"We have received contact from several wonderful organizations here on campus expressing their support for our slate and our ideas. However, we have not actively sought formal endorsements from organizations because we believe that the student body's support for us will be apparent when the results are announced next week. We have focused more on having genuine interactions with students to inform them of our platform and our experience, rather than seeking formal public endorsements from organizations."


NewsLink Indiana will have a more detailed look at all three slates Monday at 9 PM.