“Hope parking services doesn’t tow your hover car!”

This was one of the many messages students and faculty alike wrote on sticky notes for the School of Kinesiology Time Capsule. 

The School of Kinesiology is celebrating the centennial by collecting items and notes for a time capsule set to open in 25 years. 

Department Chair Thomas Weidner said the idea of a time capsule correlates with the centennial’s celebratory theme, “Proud Past, Bright Future.” 

“It was an idea to share our present with the future,” Weidner said. 

The school set up a table in front of room Health and Physical Activity building room 253 on Monday and Tuesday, where it showcased some of the items collected. Students could also write notes for the time capsule. 

Information about the Kinesiology School’s program, a heart-rate monitor, a gator ball, a tape measure and a stopwatch were some of the items gracing the School of Kinesiology display table. 

Freshman computer science major Nathan Brant was one of the student assistants who monitored the display table and took notes from students. He hadn’t written a note yet, but he said he was probably going to write about his aspirations for work. 

“I’ll have to think about it so I don’t write something dumb,” he said. 

Other students didn’t write out more than their names, majors and graduation years. Sophomore health and physical education major Hannah Thompson submitted a post-it note that had “literally, those three things.” 

Weidner wrote a letter to those opening the time capsule, wishing them enjoyment in “studying the artifacts” and hoping they learned something from what those in our time submitted. 

Weidner said he didn’t think he’ll be around when the time capsule opens in 25 years. 

“I doubt that will happen, but some of my new, young faculty may be [here]!” he said. 

The School of Kinesiology will assemble the items in the time capsule on Thursday, Feb. 21 in the Worthen Arena Lounge 3-3:30 p.m. 

Once assembled, the time capsule will be placed in a locked display case in the School of Kinesiology main office, HP 260. 

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