MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)— The work of local high school students is now on display for the month of February at a downtown Muncie business.

Made in Muncie put up a photo gallery exhibiting photography by three students from Monroe Central High School. The photo gallery is called “Three Visions” and shows various styles of photography from the students.

The three student photographers featured are seniors Ruby–Kathleen Wright, Coen Formanek and Zane Kear. The students, along with art teacher Angie Ridge Hedman, decided they wanted to set up the exhibit in order to show their work to Muncie citizens and, hopefully, inspire them.

“I hope that, like, people coming in and seeing that high school students doing shows like this for a public audience really helps inspire others to, you know, take on photography and it shows them that really you can do it if you really put the work into it,” Kear sia.d

Kear has been doing photography for almost three years and said the thing that inspired him to get into photography was the iPhone 7 Plus. 

“When the iPhone 7 Plus came out, there was a mode, portrait mode, and I messed around with that and thought it was really cool,” Kear said. “That’s really what got me into photography, just the different style of the aperture… it just looked really cool.” 

Kear now focuses on portrait photography and hopes to study photojournalism in college this fall.

Anyone interested in seeing the “Three Visions” exhibit should visit Made in Muncie, located at 313 South Walnut St, from now until the end of February.