MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - Cardinal Kitchen has reached its fundraising goal. The food pantry is located in the Multicultural Center, but hopes to move to another location. 

In November, the kitchen had a goal of $2,000, and now it’s all about finding the right space. Executive Director McKenna Myers wants the new space to be on campus so that more students can utilize the pantry. 

“We would have our own space that we could control and set up the way that we desire, right now we are working with our one kitchen space,” Myers said. 

The mission for Cardinal Kitchen is to help end food insecurity on campus. With a larger space, Cardinal Kitchen would be able to serve more students. 

“The kitchen was never supposed to remain here forever. our ultimate goal was always to have a new space that suits the needs of the kitchen and the students a little better,” Myers said.

The pantry will still be accepting donations throughout their search of another location. 

The kitchen is open the second and third Tuesday of every month. All Ball State students are welcome to use the free service with a student ID.