#9pmRoutine: New social media initiative helps prevent burglary

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink Indiana) – A new Ball State University Police Department social media campaign is helping students and community members stay safe at night.

It’s called the #9pmRoutine. The routine consists of 4 simple steps that BSU PD says you should practice every night at 9 p.m. 

Step 1.  Take any valuables out of your car and make sure there are no items visible from outside of your vehicle.

Step 2. Secure all doors of your vehicle and lock your car.

Step 3.  Lock and secure your front and back doors.  If you have a side or garage door, you might want to make sure those are secure too.

Step 4.  Turn exterior lights on.

Jim Duckham, Chief of the Ball State University Police Department, says the new initiative has already started to gain a lot of attention online.

“Because the more people that know about the routine, and do crime prevention tips; by locking their cars and their homes, thats the whole goal,” Duckham says. “Social media was a great platform for us to get that messaging out.”

Duckham also says the department has been using social media to engage community members in a creative way.

If you would like to participate in the 9 p.m., you can follow the Ball State University Police Department on Twitter @BallStatePolice or on Facebook by searching “Ball State University Police Department”.

You can follow Tanner Holbrook on Twitter @Tanner_Holbrook and on Facebook @TannerHolbrookNews.  For questions or comments on this story, email trholbrook@bsu.edu.  


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