Ball State Dining has introduced new and expanded food options in Woodworth Commons:

  • Sushi
  • Poke bowls
  • Donburi 
  • Ramen

DJ Cleveland, marketing and communications specialist for dining, said in an email the new Woodworth concept is in conjunction with Sushi with Gusto, a sushi bar company.

The new options will be made in front of customers at Woodworth, Cleveland said. In addition to being served at Woodworth, the sushi options will also be available at the Atrium and the Tally. 

Cleveland also said that students who have food allergies will be able to request certain sushi options. The ramen and donburi will be offered as warm food options as well. 

According to the  website, Sushi with Gusto is a family-owned company based in South Carolina. They have location in other college campuses including Northern Illinois University and the University of Dayton. This is the first location at an Indiana school. 

Freshman Leah Wurtzel said she likes the new variety of food options because it provides the opportunity for people to try new foods. 

“I plan on trying them,” Wurtzel said. “I like to try new things, and it gives more options opposed to pasta, pizza and chicken fingers.”  

To accomodate for the new food, Cleveland said dining took out the stir fry location in Woodworth. He said a “huge” benefit for the replacement is that it’s much quicker than stir fry.

“However, we knew that some people would still want stir fry, so we’ve made sure that stir fry is a constant option at Elliott Dining,” Cleveland said.

Cleveland said dining made this change because it wants to expand food choices and offer more to the campus community.  

“We constantly assess the impact of ingredients and labor to the student body, how we can offer more diverse foods, and what people are talking about,” he said. 

Dining takes requests and suggestions year-round to help determine what other foods it can offer.

“We asked the student body last year about custom ramen, poke bowls, donburi, and sushi, and the desire for having those options on campus was strong,” Cleveland said. 

Dining’s menu committee will review the current food offerings toward the end of the academic year and address requests from the campus community to determine if more changes will occur in the future, Cleveland said. 

“If you look out to 2020, though, our new center of dining will have an abundance of new options that excites us to the extreme,” Cleveland said. 

The menus for the new concept at Woodworth Commons are not yet available online, but paper copies are available at the dining hall. 

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