Amplify, the executive slate for SGA (Student Government Association), finished the semester completing seven of the 16 platform points. 

Although these platform points have been completed, SGA president Isaac Mitchell said SGA will continue to work with these points.

Mitchell said six other points have made significant progress but have not been fully completed.

The remaining three points have made little progress. He said that the lack of progress was his fault.

“On these three points, I, as an individual and as president of this organization, did not do as much work as I should have,” Mitchell said. 

Mitchell said he plans to make the remaining three point top priority next semester.


Shuttle to football games

SGA sent out six shuttles to football games this semester, spending a total of $4,149.

Parking passes for expectant mothers

SGA and Parking Services implemented several parking passes for expectant mothers at the beginning of this semester.

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Shuttle to Farmers Market

SGA sent out a total of three shuttles costing $561 to the Minnetrista Farmers Market this semester.

Extended Bracken weekend hours

The slate has been gathering information to see if students were interested in having Bracken Library stay open longer on weekends.

Through a campus-wide survey, Amplify received over 1,000 responses, with the majority asking for the hours to be extended.

Bracken Library will now be open until midnight Friday and Saturday as a “trial run” for the new hours.

Mitchell said that if no one stays during the extended hours, there is no way Bracken will continue to stay open later.  

Expand Student Appreciation Day 

Amplify wanted to host a Student Appreciation Day event that would help attract more students.

SGA held their event Nov. 28 in the David Letterman Communication and Media Building lobby, offering free doughnut holes to students.

Mitchell says the event will happen again next semester. No date has been shared yet. 

More outlets for student input

SGA pushed to get more students involved with university affairs and issues.

Earlier this year, SGA hosted a student forum for students to share concerns regarding John Schnatter and his relationship with Ball State. 

SGA is going through the surveys and gathering data at the moment, and will share their results once completed, Mitchell said. 

Provide more opportunity for service

The slate wanted to get students more involved with local service opportunities on campus.

SVS (Student Voluntary Services) and SGA partnered to run Angel Tree Gift Wrapping on Monday, Dec. 3. 

Mitchell said he would like to get the Senate more involved with service opportunities, and he felt, as leaders, the Senate should do more than just talk about service opportunities.

Significant progress made

Raise awareness for sexual assault and alcohol abuse

Mitchell said that Amplify is working to raise awareness on sexual assault and alcohol abuse through educational programs.

Amplify hosted an event on October 24th with Step In, Speak Up to talk to students about sexual assault and alcohol abuse.

SGA and Step In and Speak Up are in the works to host a Title IX discussion panel possibly next semester. 

Mental health awareness

Amplify has been working to promote mental health awareness with other organizations on and off campus.

SGa invited Josh Rivedal to perform a one-man play over mental health and suicide prevention in November, and also hosted a mental health fair along with other organizations including Spectrum, LSU, AASA and UPB. 

Amplify met with Bill Betts, director of counseling and health services, for a “big project” involving mental health, Mitchell said. 

ROTC priority scheduling

SGA and the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) approved a resolution to allow ROTC students priority registration.

Co-author Aiden Medellin, an ROTC S4 Battalion, said that this resolution would make scheduling “leagues” easier for ROTC students.

Amplify will meet with faculty and administrators Friday to see how the resolution will move forward, Mitchell said.

Relocating trash receptacles and recycling bins

Amplify has expressed concerns over the camps environment and recycling.

SGA has partnered with the Green Action Team (GAT) to pick out new location for trash cans and recycling bins around campus.

Mitchell said that the areas are completely mapped out and they will move forward to moving the bins next semester. 

Inform students on what can be recycled

Along with relocating recycling bins, Amplify wants to spread awareness to inform students what items are recyclable. 

SGA expressed a possible partnership with dining during the last platform points review in October.

Dining agreed to put out posters next semester to inform students on what is and is not recyclable.

Allow students to use their preferred name

Amplify has discussed making changes to help allow students to represent themselves better.

Mitchell said the change is going to happen and that SGA will play a role.

Needs significant work

Placing hygiene bins in residence halls

It was proposed that hygienic bins will be installed in both men and women bathrooms to support gender inclusivity.

Mitchell said that this point needed more work done than other points. 

Multicultural resource center

The slate wants to help the Multicultural Resource Center as it undergoes changes. 

The historic building is set to undergo further renovations, but no time has yet been set. 

Mitchell said that amplify is looking at what other campuses are doing and hope to apply their findings to Ball State.

Shuttle from The Village to downtown

Amplify proposed a shuttle from the Village to Downtown, making the area more accessible to students. 

Mitchell said that Amplify is “at the edge” on this project. 

Liz Rieth contributed to this story.

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