After every class session in the fall, spring and summer, Cornerstone Center for the Arts hosts a celebration showcasing the students from their dance, music and fitness classes. 

There were more than 400 students enrolled this fall session, so the show will include two acts; Act 1 will have 18 performances and Act 2 will have 20. 

“It's a huge deal for our students and instructors to be able to show off their hard work from the past three months,” said Jessie Fisher, the education director for Cornerstone. “For the community, it's a great way to see in one day all of the amazing things we offer that they can be a part of.” 

When: 2 p.m. Dec. 10

Where: the E.B. Ball Auditorium at Cornerstone Center for the Arts

Cornerstone began offering the celebrations the same time they began providing public programs in the early 2000s. 

Fisher said most of the preparation for the event starts a month ahead of time, but the performers have been planning for their performances since early September. 

“Our dance classes start on their performance pieces almost immediately, within the first few weeks of class and work the whole class session on what will be performed,” said Sarah Shaffer, the education and marketing coordinator for Cornerstone. “Much of the artwork that will be on display is from the whole semester as well. Many instructors will keep artwork the whole session in preparation for the celebration.”

Those planning the event expect anywhere from 600 to 800 people to attend. 

“For many, the celebration is the proof of what they have learned and accomplished over the semester,” Shaffer said. “Families come to see those that they love perform so encourage and congratulate them. The general public is invited to come and take part so that they can see what we offer. It is a great way to see what it looks like to be a part of the Cornerstone family.”

While Fisher said the event has become “pretty routine,” she also said having enough time during the event and enough space for everyone can be difficult. 

“I love seeing the dance classes perform,” Fisher said. “They work so hard on choreography for three months and I love seeing it all come together and seeing students improve over the years.”

During the celebration, information about spring classes beginning Feb. 4 will be available for those who have interest for the future. 

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