A SGA resolution called for Ball State to establish a liaison of LGBTQ affairs at the senate meeting Wednesday. 

The paid-position would serve as a primary source for LGBTQ students, said Khanya Msibi, author of the resolution.

“There is a huge need on campus for more LGBTQ community focused resources,” Msibi said. “It would make [campus] a better more inclusive space. It would make it a better home for future LGBTQ students.”

Because other schools have resources like this, Msibi said Ball State should have a similar resource. 

Purdue University, Indiana University, Miami University and Bowling Green State University have resources specifially designated for LGBTQ students.

The position would encourage more LGBTQ students to attend Ball State who identifies as an LGBTQ student. Those additional students could pay for the new position’s salary, Msibi said. 

“Students are looking for schools that have these programs,” Msibi said. “Students are looking for programs with someone that can assist them through their problems that come through being a marginalized identity.”

The liaison should have have an “extensive knowledge” of LGBTQ issues and of Ball State’s LGBTQ policies, according to the resolution. That knowledge would be determined in the hiring process, Msibi said. 

Additionally, the liaison would help facilitate Safe Zone Trainings, mentorship programs for LGBTQ students and assist LGBTQ students in finding academic opportunities, Msibi said. 

The resolution will be read once more in senate before being voted on. If approved, the resolution will go to University Governance. 

The resolution was sponsored by 102 student signatures and student organizations including Spectrum, Call To Action, Latinx Student Union, Asian American Student Association and College Democrats. 

Additionally, at Wednesday’s meeting, SGA senators voted to support Indiana University Student Government (IUSG) legislation.

The legislation called for Indiana’s state government to establish hate crime legislation.

IUSG also encouraged other universities, including Notre Dame University and Purdue University, to support IUSG’s legislation. 

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