Family Goes All-In for Halloween

Spiders, cobwebs, skeletons and so much more fill the yard of a Muncie family’s home. 

The Crigger family has made Halloween decorating become a family tradition. 

“It’s my favorite holiday and my kids, it’s turned into their favorite holiday too” Sara Crigger says. 

The family is known around the neighborhood for their active skeletons. Every night while the children are sleeping, the parents move the skeletons to different positions. 

“With the skeletons we’ve turned it into a elf on the shelf kind of thing. We put them to bed and then we come and move the skeletons as they’re sleeping. Whenever they wake up in the morning, they come out to see what the skeletons are doing. 

Each year the family adds more decorations to their yard. 

It’s a tradition that started last year, but is expected to expand throughout the years. 


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