Cool conditions with some rain ahead


Tonight: Tonight will be fairly cold with a low of 34 degrees with winds also being calm with them being around 5-10 mph, but there is a 40% chance of rain in the late hours of tonight so there is a chance we could see some showers but nothing too significant.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow will be an average day with the high reaching up to 45 degrees but the days starting off pretty cold with 38 degrees at 8 am. As we move on through the day at noon it will be around 44 degrees, with the high reaching 45 at 3 pm then starting to go back down to 44 at 5 PM. 

7-Day: The biggest talking point of this week that there is a rain chance on Saturday with right now it being around 90%, but as of right now it is only going to be showers with some heavy rain mixed in. The high of that day will stick around 55 degrees and the low being 46 degrees, it will be the only day this week that we will see rainy conditions, but it does clear up a bit to the end of the week as we could see some sunny conditions on Wednesday.

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