Arrest made in stabbing just off campus

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Photo provided

One person was arrested after allegedly stabbing his roommate just off of Ball State’s campus.

An officer responded to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital early Tuesday morning, where Michael Schulenberg reported he had been stabbed outside his apartment in the 1600 block of N New York Ave. Schulenberg told police his roommate, 21-year-old Mathew Wallin,  stabbed him.

Schulenberg told police he and Wallin had recently been arguing about several things going on in the house, and he had accused Wallin via Snapchat of stealing several beers. Wallin didn’t reply but appeared agitated when he got home and was wearing a large hunting knife.

Schulenberg said Wallin began gathering items together and bringing them to his car as if he was going to move out. Schulenberg and another roommate, Nate Lockwood, followed Wallin outside to make sure Wallin didn’t damage anyone’s vehicle. Court documents say Wallin  then charged Schulenberg as he stood on the porch and punched him in the head before Schulenberg attempted to pull him down. During the attempt, Schulenberg said he felt at least two stab wounds in his leg. Lockwood and Schulenberg were eventually able to  get the knife away from Wallin.

Police say at the time of his arrest, Wallin was wearing a Vietnam era tactical vest and and tactical hard knuckle gloves.

Wallin claims self-defense and that he was attacked by Lockwood and Schulenberg after refusing to move a stick in the front yard. Court documents say Wallin claims he was choked out by one of the roommates, but there were no visible injuries around his neck. Wallin  stated to police as he was being choked, he grabbed a knife and began stabbing at a suspect on his back but was unsure who he stabbed or how many times he stabbed them. Wallin also told police he thought there was going to be trouble between him and his roommates  but denied wearing the jacket and gloves in the house to intimidate them.

Wallin faces charges of aggravated battery and battery with a deadly weapon. He is currently in the Delaware County Jail on $25,000 bond.


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