Homecoming brought Ball State students, staff and faculty more edible celebration with The Dinner of the Century Wednesday.

Melissa Nagle, the food service supervisor for Woodworth, said the dinner had a 1920s theme.

“It’s taken months to determine menu,” Nagle said. “ For decorations, we were on our own. I saved Starbucks bottles from the students, took them home and painted them.”

The specialty menu included chicken à la King with rice, garlic veggie chow mein, lobster mac and cheese and vegetarian spaghetti, to name a few.

“Chicken à la King is a cream-based dish,” Nagle said. “Much like a casserole with mushrooms, water chestnuts and chicken. We serve it over white rice.”

A special vegan item was made as well — stuffed mushrooms.

“It’s a big portobello mushroom stuffed with what we call impossible burger,” Nagle said. “It sounds like a meat burger, but it’s actually made from vegetables.”

Marquice Gee, the Campus Relations Chair on the Homecoming Steering Committee, said the menu was handpicked with a little bit of everything in mind.

“What better way to get everyone into the Homecoming Spirit than with food,” Gee said in an email. “We want to create an atmosphere of fun and celebration with some different cuisine options than what you would normally see in a dining hall.”

A new feature added to the dinner this year is Royalty VIP Meet and Greet. VIPs were determined by putting special stickers on programs for the Talent Search.

The newly crowned King, Dylan Barrow, a junior with a major in finance, said he felt humbled by the experience.

“I’m very honored to represent the university that’s given me so much of its time here,” Barrow said. “ It’s definitely surreal, it doesn’t feel like it’s really happening.”

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