Editor's note: Alex Grieshop is an employee with the McKinley Avenue Agency, which sells ads for The Daily News.

While the cold weather started to creep in, Ball State’s Homecoming festivities couldn’t be dampered as crowds gathered for a food truck festival in The Village Monday. 

Alex Grieshop, the Special Events Chair for the Homecoming Steering Committee, said this year’s food truck festival and other Homecoming events were more inclusive than in years past. 

“Homecoming is for everybody, not just football fans.” Grieshop said. “We are getting more involved with all of campus and the community this year.” 

While seven food trucks lined Martin Street, other attractions, including two inflatable courses DJ Atkins, cornhole and bear pong were offered to students. 

The venue included Three Bears Concessions, a mexican food truck; Speedy Dogs, with a specialty in hotdogs; Karma Kitchen, which serves comfort food; Big Easy, serving cajun style dishes and alligator; and Hook and Ladder Pizza, which makes pizzas out of a brick oven built into the truck. Dessert based trucks included Barking Cow, an ice cream truck, and Sea Salt and Cinnamon, which makes handheld apple pies. 

The owner of Three Bears Concession, Joe “Jojo” Mann, has been in the food truck business for 33 years. Joe and his wife originally started the food truck to get their daughter, who is now a manager for food and hospitality, through college.

“It’s a fun business,” Mann said. “You never have to hear people gripe, it’s just a happy business.” 

Hailey Russell, a sophomore telecommunications major, went to the event with her two roommates because of their love of food trucks. 

“I saw the information on Facebook,” Russell said. “I’ve been waiting for a while. I love food trucks, they’re so cute.” 

The big surprise for participants came in a flash mob dance routine, set in place by Riley Dance Marathon’s Morale section. 

Dean Witham, the Co-Director of Morale, said Morale is the hype committee for Riley Dance Marathon.

“We try to go to every event that we can,” Witham said. “Every organization on campus supports us so we’d like to support them also.”

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