The last of three open forums concluded Thursday, and the Strategic Planning Committee will now prepare for a revision period. 

Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns stated in all three forums the committee  will revise the plan from November to February and then will present it to the Board of Trustees.

Mearns said there were two things the committee has found in the feedback so far: making the research mission more clear and include the importance of graduate education.

“There are other smaller items,” Mearns said, “But those are the two major things we’ve heard.”

Yaron Ayalon, an assistant professor of history and faculty council chairperson, said via email that no unified faculty organization had made responses to the plan, but there had been talk among faculty.

“I can only say that one issue that has come up in the last University Senate meeting, and that faculty have spoken to me about, is the very light emphasis on research in the strategic plan,” Ayalon said. “This is a major oversight that even President Mearns acknowledged needs to be addressed.”

Zack Wagner, a junior marketing major, was offered extra credit by his professor to go and attend the forum, as well as reflect on what he had learned.

“I came here not knowing what to expect, I’ve been doing a lot of research as to what this was,” Wagner said. “I thought this was very cool to hear the inside perspective of what Ball State has planned.”

Mike Gillilan, director of student rights and community standards, raised his concerns over clauses 3D and 3C, which cover making The Village and the neighborhood surrounding a more attractive location, as well as improving the health of the general area. 

“A lot of our students come to college. There is less supervision. There is the desire to try out more. They want to be part of things, meet people,” Gillilan said. 

“There is also more availability of alcohol, because it’s easier to get your hands on it for a variety of reasons. One of the places students go to get alcohol illegally, and a lot of it, is off-campus parties.” 

For any staff and faculty still wanting to voice their opinion, a survey is available online until Sunday Oct. 21.

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