Steakhouse coming to Downtown Muncie

A new steakhouse is coming to downtown Muncie.

Ron Lahody, the owner of Lahody meat butcher shop in Muncie, will be opening a new steakhouse is November. 

“Ron Lahody’s ‘Trust Your Butcher’ Steak House”. Will be a high-end restaurant that will offer a variety of specialty meats from his butcher shop, as well as a variety of unique alcoholic beverages. Lahody said “it’s always been a dream of mine to have a restaurant like this.” 

He feels that his unique steakhouse will succeed in the competitive restaurant industry. “People always say restaurants always fail within the first year. Well I have news for you, I’m still going to be here. I won’t let it fail. If something is wrong, I’ll change it immediately,” Lahody says. 

The steakhouse is still undergoing construction, but Lahody is looking forward to grand opening in November. 


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