2018 Ball State Homecoming Court crowned

<p>Dylan Barrow and Hanna Crane pose together after receiving their crowns at Talent Search Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. They will attend all Homecoming activities along with the other eight members of the court. Kelly Asiala, Photo Provided.</p>

Dylan Barrow and Hanna Crane pose together after receiving their crowns at Talent Search Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. They will attend all Homecoming activities along with the other eight members of the court. Kelly Asiala, Photo Provided.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story said Tyra Campbell was not available for an interview with The Ball State Daily News. It has since been updated. 

After their crowning during Talent Show, Ball State’s 2018 Homecoming Court members are ready to spread their ideas about empowering students throughout the upcoming school year. 

Collectively, they hope to use their titles to encourage diversity, community service and kindness across campus. 

Here is the 2018 Homecoming Court Royalty representing Ball State University throughout all Homecoming events: 


Hanna Crane, Ball State University Dance Marathon

Hanna Crane, a senior public relations major, said she hopes to bring attention to the work Ball State University Dance Marathon does, along with all the people who work behind the scenes to make the organization function. 

“It’s really special to me that we have a group of [more than] 500 students who are willing to take time out of their college experience to help a cause that’s bigger than themselves,” Crane said. “We support Riley Hospital for Children, and they spend plenty of nights, plenty of hours fundraising and working toward a cause that will continue with them through college.”

Crane would like to thank BSUDM for nominating and supporting her, as well as all of her friends who’ve been by her side since the beginning. 


Dylan Barrow, Phi Delta Theta 

Dylan Barrow, a junior finance major, said he wants to use his crown to encourage students to get involved on campus and to “give back to the university that’s given [him] so much.” 

“Without my involvement, whether with a fraternity or with other campus organizations, I don’t think I would’ve grown as much in my years here at Ball State,” Barrow said. 

He would like to thank all the members in Phi Delta Theta and the leaders who came before him in the chapter for this opportunity to represent the Ball State community. 

“It feels surreal,” Barrow said. “Ball State’s such a special place for me, and I’m honored to represent it.”

Female Court Members: 

Tyra Campbell, Alpha Kappa Alpha

Tyra Campbell, a junior marketing major with a minor fashion, said she wants to use her Homecoming title to be someone that people can look up to on campus.

“I want to use my title as a stance to be a role model for more people than just my organization that I ran from,” Campbell said. “I feel like with every title comes a higher stance for more people to see you and see your actions and see the way you hold yourself. With this position, I would like to be a better role model for the whole campus.”

Campbell would like to thank all of her sorority sisters along with her boyfriend and her family for this opportunity. 

Julianna Shamel, Alpha Omicron Pi 

Julianna Shamel, a senior music media production and vocal performance major, said she wants to use her position on the Homecoming Court as a way to showcase the organizations she is a part of — especially Alpha Omicron Pi — and the welcoming community they offer.

“The organization Alpha Omicron Pi really gave me a foundation here at Ball State and gave me a home away from home,” Shamel said. “Ball State’s not just a place, it’s a home. You find those homes in the organizations you’re in and the people you’re talking to.”

Shamel said she wants to thank her parents and her friends on campus who’ve “pushed her to be a better version of [herself].”

Zoe Harvey, Chi Omega 

Zoe Harvey, a senior deaf education major, said she wants to spread the joy Ball State has given her with her title. She also said she wants to encourage people to seize the important moments during their time on campus. 

“If anything, I want to use my title to [encourage people to] put themselves out there even if they think they’re a small dot on campus,” Harvey said. 

Harvey said she would like to thank her sisters in Chi Omega and everyone who’s had an impact on her at Ball State for making her experience at the university a memorable one. 

Vanessa Ramos, Women in Business 

Vanessa Ramos, a senior marketing major, said she wants to use her title to help students achieve their dreams and ambitions. 

“I want them to know that their goals are achievable through hard work and kindness,” Ramos said. 

Ramos said it feels “amazing” to be on the Centennial Homecoming Court, and she would like to thank family, friends, her campaign manager, Women in Business and the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band — especially the baritone section — for this opportunity. 

Male Court Members:

Nnamdi Anene, Alpha Phi Alpha 

Nnamdi Anene, a senior biology and pre-dental major, said he hopes to use his Homecoming Court title to encourage diverse representation among academic communities. 

“I want to use it to show representation for the various communities here at Ball State, especially academically,” Anene said. “A lot of STEM students don’t go out and do something like this, and being an African American individual, it’s important to have representation here on campus.”

Anene would like to thank God for this opportunity, his fraternity brothers in Alpha Phi Alpha and his mom for supporting him. 

Braxton Williams, Association of Collegiate A Cappella

Braxton Williams, a junior sociology major, said he wants to use his Homecoming Court title to interact with the student body and establish relationships with other students. 

“I always want to be remembered as a smiley, warm-hearted, friendly face around campus regardless of me being on the Homecoming Court,” Williams said. “Before I was nominated, I always went out of my way to establish relationships around campus, no matter the depth. I believe every interaction shapes our future self.” 

Williams said he feels honored to have received the title, and he would like to thank the judges, voters and himself for actually going through with it. He would like to thank everyone for their love and support as well. 

Dean Witham, Ball State University Dance Marathon

Dean Witham, a senior geography major with a concentration in Travel and Tourism with a minor in German, said he plans to use his court title to spread awareness for the Ball State University Dance Marathon organization.

“I hope that we can communicate with the rest of campus our fight for kids and families at Riley Hospital for Children,” Witham said. 

He said he would love to thank his parents Denise Seay and Herb Witham for pushing him throughout his college career, as well as his fellow executive members on the Ball State University Dance Marathon board.

Daniel Jo, Interfraternity Council

Daniel Jo, a sophomore finance major and international student from South Korea, said he wants diversity to be a prominent theme during his time on the Homecoming Court. 

Jo said he is proud to represent international students on the Homecoming Court, and he wants to thank all the Ball State students who were very kind and welcoming to him when he first came here. 

“It’s an honor,” Jo said. “Schools in South Korea don’t have a Homecoming program, so being an international student and being able to get an opportunity like this is such a blessing.” 

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