Millions of people remembered those we lost 17 years ago in the September 11th terrorist attacks. 

The tributes took place across the country, even on Ball State’s campus. In a tribute to the victims, students gathered the Shafer Bell Tower. The bell sounded every ten seconds from 9:00-9:10 this morning. Americans in other parts of the country remembered the events of this day as well. In New York City, the names of the victims were read, and multiple moments of silence were held. Not far from that ceremony, a moment of silence was held to begin the day at the New York Stock Exchange. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, President Trump spoke this morning at a ceremony. 

"This memorial is now a message to the world. America will never ever submit to tyranny," Trump said. 

While ceremonies were going on, Ball State students were still in class. However many students found themselves reflecting on a day that would change our country forever. Students we spoke with on campus have vague memories of the attacks, all they remember was the confusion happening throughout the nation. 

"I don't remember much...I remember us watching TV and our teachers reacting, being upset. I was just confused, like most of us was," said Devon Chamberlain.

A day of confusion a day of remembrance now for those we lost. For student like Desmond McGee September 11th is a day to remember due to the historical significance it has had on our country.

"I feel like it's a day no one should forget...because it is a part of America's history. In college, maybe it's not as big as it was in high school and elementary school. It's not promoted as much, but people still should remember the truth of what really happened"

if you are looking to volunteer the student voluntary services nine-eleven commemoration day of service will be Saturday at 7:30 am.