Early Saturday, the university sent out a campus-wide Public Safety Advisory email after a sexual assault was reported in an on-campus residence hall. 

According to the email, University Police Department (UPD) received a campus security authorities (CSA) report of the assault. While no further information was available in the email, federal law requires CSAs to report non-identifying information about the crime, including the date, the location and type of crime, according to The Office of Victim Services.

At Ball State, CSA's are identified as anyone who has significant interaction with students and/or on-campus activities, are formal/informal student mentors, work in an office or committee where students have the option to report or discuss crimes, oversee disciplinary action, are members of UPD or oversee campus security. 

In 2016, there were 27 cases of rape and 26 cases of forcible fondling reported to the university, according to the 2017 Annual Campus Security Report. Of those reports, 25 cases of rape and 20 cases of forcible fondling were reported on campus, with half of those cases occurring in on-campus housing. 

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This is the second reported sexual assault of the semester. In mid-August, students received an email four days prior to the start of classes, disclosing an assault was reported in the 1100 block of West Riverside Avenue. No further information was included in the email.