Cardinal Greenway's Anniversary

Cardinal greenway had its 25th anniversary today and hosted many people who have enjoyed the many benefits the trail has offered over the years. The celebration featured tents, free food and people who spoke on the trail’s history.

Many people had stories to share about what the trail has meant to them.

Angie Pool, the CEO of Cardinal Greenway, said that she would often get told by people that the trail is useful to them for many reasons. Some of the reasons she listed included being a place where people can exercise and improve their health.

Jay Turney has used the trail for him and his daughter to bond. They often use the free bikes and enjoy the fresh air together. Turney has said that he believes that a place like this is important to the Muncie community.

The trail was recently added to the Rails for Trails Hall of Fame. It is the largest trail in Indiana, measuring in at 62 Miles long.