The results are in after Delaware County residents voted in Tuesday’s primary election.

The elected primary candidates will once again be able to receive votes in the general elections Nov. 6.

Results for some of the positions on the ballot are listed below:

United States Senate

  • Republican: Luke Messer
  • Democrat: Joe Donnelly

United States House of Representatives - District 6

  • Republican: Greg Pence
  • Democrat: Jeannine Lee Lake

State Senate District 25

  • Republican: Zaki Ali
  • Democrat: Tim Lanane

State Senate District 26

  • Republican: Mike Gaskill
  • Democrat: Dave Ring

State Representative District 31

  • Republican: Kevin A Mahan
  • Democrat: Lynn Johnson

State Representative District 32

  • Republican: Tony Cook
  • Democrat: Amie Neiling

State Representative District 33

  • Republican: John Prescott
  • Democrat: Shon Byrum

State Representative District 34

  • Republican: No Candidate filed
  • Democrat: Sue Errington

State Representative District 35

  • Republican: Ben W. Fisher
  • Democrat: Melanie M. Wright

Circuit Court Judge # 2 

  • Republican: No candidate filed
  • Democrat: Kimberly S. Dowling

Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney

  • Republican: No candidate filed 
  • Democrat: Eric M. Hoffman

Delaware County Clerk of the Circuit Court

  • Republican: Rick Spangler 
  • Democrat: Mike King

Delaware County Auditor

  • Republican: No candidate filed 
  • Democrat: Steven G. Craycraft

Delaware County Recorder

  • Republican: Melanie Marshall 
  • Democrat: Brock Reagan

Delaware County Sheriff

  • Republican: Tony Skinner 
  • Democrat: Ray Dudley

Delaware County Coroner

  • Republican: Rick Howell
  • Democrat: Rick Henry

Delaware County Assessor

  • Republican: James D. Carmichael 
  • Democrat: No candidate filed

County Commissioner District # 3

  • Republican: No candidate filed 
  • Democrat: Shannon Henry

County Council District 1 

  • Republican: Ryan Ballard
  • Democrat: Christopher W. Matchett

County Council District 2 

  • Republican: Ron B. Quakenbush
  • Democrat: John D. Miller Jr. 

County Council District 3 

  • Republican: Eugene Whitehead
  • Democrat: Mary I. Chambers

County Council District 4

  • Republican: Jane Lasater
  • Democrat: Ryan S. Webb

A full list of the results can be found here. 

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