Charlie Puth’s ‘Voicenotes’ ends on a high note

Charlie Puth returns with his new pop songs on his latest album, Voicenotes.  Although this album doesn’t differ compared to his earlier hits, this  album still provides what Puth is all about. A man that can hit those  sexy high notes while talking about his mystery girl—whoever that might  be. Voicenotes perfectly symbolizes an artist who has grown along with his music.

Content vs. voice

Like most pop music these days, there is little variety in content and Voicenotes  is no exception. Being hurt in a relationship and expressing it through  music is the foundation of this album. However, Puth’s voice is  mesmerizing as always and will keep you playing the songs on repeat.  Puth’s voice immediately drew me in when I first heard him. Voicenotes has good rhythm and doesn’t lack in the tech department. The music itself is original and will keep you entertained.

Out with the old and in with the new

Puth doesn’t seem to expand on his content and this hurts his newest  album. This does not necessarily mean the album is bad though. “How  Long”, “Attention”, and “See You Again” are like his songs featured in Voicenotes.  Love is Puth’s primary focus and that doesn’t seem to change. His new  music is fresh in a way, showing how he has grown as an artist. He seems  older in this album and more experienced with music. His familiar high  notes and exaggerated notes are included (as in every Puth song). This  is what makes Puth stand out from other pop artists. Songs from the  album will most likely turn into hits. If there are fans expecting a new  Puth, however, don’t look for it here.

All these empty cups

Two songs stuck out from the rest of this album. His singles, “Empty  Cups” and “BOY.” “Empty Cups” focuses on a party atmosphere and a girl  he is with. There are cups at a table nearby and he uses them as a way  of describing his attraction to this girl. I have never seen this been  done before and it was very interesting and good way to set up the song.  “BOY” focuses on the innocence of boys in a new relationship. Puth  talks about being with a girl who is more experienced with relationships  than he. Using the word “boy” was his way of saying how he is  disrespected by a woman. This is not commonly talked about, especially  in music and this was original and creative. It’s a job well done by  Charlie.

The music itself

The rhythm of Voicenotes is catchy and fast. There are no  slow songs featured in his newest album, which is usual for Puth. This  album is not reaching for heartstrings. It is simply Charlie talking  about his love life gone wrong, but persevering through the hurt. This  is relatable to lots of people who listen to the album, but may get lost  in the crowd like lots of pop albums these days. Puth’s voice blends  perfectly with the music and serves as an excellent symbol as to where  his strength comes from, those high notes.

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