Spring has sprung


Carnival Forecast (Tonight): As the gates open for Ball State's Late Night Carnival, temperatures will remain in the upper 50's. As sunsets rolls around and the night progresses, temperatures will drop near 42ºF by 1AM. Prepare for transitional layers if attending. 

Weekend: Sunshine and warmth is the story here. No surprises this weekend weather wise as we are back around our average high of 61ºF. As some cloud cover will move out of the area from Saturday, Sunday will see temperatures 6ºF warmer. With warmer temperatures and more sun exposure, plants have begun to grow and so have the pollen levels. Stay prepared as these warmer weather conditions lead to an increase in seasonal allergy presence.

7-Day Forecast: Mostly dry and back to average weekend for us. Temperatures remain in the mid 60's to start of the next work week, and rain moves in overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning/early afternoon. 

--- Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke

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