And then the second question should be ... are you looking for a good, clean, affordable, quality house?



My name is Joe Smelser and I am a landlord in Muncie. I have been in the rental business for over 29 years. I bought my first property with my mom in 1988. She and I spent countless hours cleaning, painting and repairing my first house.  I have always been good with my hands and was able to do a lot of the work myself.  I started to consider the possibility of becoming a landlord. The prospect of becoming a landlord was somewhat scary.  Who would I rent to? Could I make a living doing this?

I continued to buy properties in Muncie. I thought if I could rent my houses to Ball State students, I would have a shot at making this new venture work. My philosophy was and is that I would provide clean, affordable housing to the students.

I am a member of the Rental Property Association which sets high standards for their Member Landlords. I maintain all of my houses as if I were the resident. I am not an absentee landlord. I live near all of my houses, and pride myself in prompt courteous service should you have a problem. I also have professional, licensed plumbers, carpenters, and electrical service personnel that I contract with in the event those services are required.  

 I invite you to visit my blog for more information and photos of the houses I have available for rent.  


I have several options for housing near the BSU campus. Some houses have garages, some have hot tubs, and some allow pets. I also have options for how the utilities are paid. In some houses, I pay the utilities. This seems to be popular with students who are trying to live on a budget. This way, they know exactly what their rent and utilities will cost each month. 

 I currently have several houses for rent. These will be available for in  August for the 18-19 school year. 

• 614 W Main is a 6 bedroom 2 bath home with an attached garage. It also has a hot tub. All appliances are provided. Another bonus, all utilities are provided as well.

• 305 E Highland is a 6 bedroom 2 bath home also with a hot tub. All appliances are provided, and yard care is included in the rent. This house also includes all utilities in the rent. 

• 610 W Howard is a 3 bedroom 1 bath home with all appliances included. This houses is close to the bus service, IVY Tech and BSU. There are 2 options for the utilities, I can pay them or you can. 

• 1305 W Kilgore is a 3 bedroom 1 bath house close to the bus line, BSU, and Ball Hospital. Appliances are again included. 

All of these houses have central air, and in some we allow pets. 

Please visit my blog at for pictures and more information about these houses. I look forward to seeing you in one of my houses.


- Joe


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