Coffe, Conversation, and The Cup

The Cup aims to provide Muncie with an inclusive atmosphere where people from all walks of life are welcome.




Something as simple as a cup of coffee and a conversation can go a long way to grow a community and create new connections. We feel that no one should have to walk into an establishment and feel that they do not belong. Going into the seventh year of business, The Cup keeps that idea in mind as an ever-changing customer base discovers what the village has to offer Muncie residents and Ball State students alike. 

Inspired by the classic archetype of college coffee shops, The Cup tries to bring a sense of nostalgia to an age where people are put into boxes and told what they should expect out of a business. We thrive on the idea of standing out and being different than other businesses in the area. With an unmistakable aesthetic and a commitment to staying true to our goal we hope to inspire our customers to seeing the world a little bit differently. The world has enough cookie cutters and we strive to break the mold.

Our unique space offers students and local residents a place to unwind, work on projects, and connect with other people over their favorite drink. The dining room walls showcase the work of local artists and provide an opportunity for them to sell their artwork to the public. We believe in the power of art to not only create a feeling in our customers, but to also start a conversation and inspire further creativity. Carrying on the tradition of college coffee shops we also provide a place for poetry readings and musical performances. Our outdoor patio seating gives customers a large space to enjoy food and beverages in the warm months of the year.

Our close proximity to Ball State’s campus offers us a great opportunity to be in contact with a diverse range of people. Every year provides a new group of incoming students and a chance to welcome in any new customers who may be curious about our establishment. That is not to say that we are not thankful to the local Muncie residents who have been kind enough to make our business a part of their daily routine. Without their passion for how we go about our business none of this would be possible. 

We proudly serve coffee from the roasters at Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago and through them we bring a different flavor to Muncie. Their coffee is unique to this area and cannot be found anywhere else in the city. We feel that their company’s philosophy aligns with our own and are more than happy to promote their business. We offer many different food options, and rest our hat on our staple breakfast sandwich, the “Sunrise”. Whether you are just stopping by for a quick drink, or plan on sticking around to meet up with friends, we are happy to be here when you need us. Next time you need a cup come to The Cup, Where Coffee Lives.

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