Today: Expect temperatures to reach up to 49º today with highs across the state sitting in the mid 40's to mid 50's.

Tonight: Overall, a mostly clear night in store for Muncie with temperatures stretching below freezing to 25º. You could wake up to some frost on your windshield tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow/Early Saturday: Tomorrow looks to be a beautiful day until late evening rolls around with clouds and rain. Temperatures and sun will persist through tomorrow with the high reaching 43º. Rain stays in Illinois for the majority of Friday evening, but the rain moves into our area throughout the Saturday morning hours. Around 8AM on Saturday, we could see a wintry mix along with outlying flurries. Nothing to worry about in accumulation, and temperatures in the afternoon hour will be above freezing which will lead to the melting of anything that might.

7-Day Forecast: Most rain chances roll in Friday evening and into Saturday morning impacting the morning of St. Patrick's, but the precipitation subsides for the afternoon and evening hours. Sunday looks to be the best day to get out and about this weekend with the above average temperature of 53º. Then, chances of rain and wintry precipitation moves back in on Monday and Tuesday next week!

-- Weather Forecaster Payton Domschke

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