Most of the members of the Dodgeball Club joined as freshmen looking for something to do outside of their dorm rooms.

Sophomore biology major, Kevin Frye founded Indiana's first college dodgeball team affiliated with the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association in August of 2017. Ball State’s Dodgeball Club has more than 20 diverse members who practice and compete together against other colleges.  
Eric Pritchett, DN

However, upon joining, some found a team sport full of competition and camaraderie that made them stay.

This is true for Lindsey Overstreet, who joined Indiana's first collegiate dodgeball team to get more involved on campus. Soon, she found the sport is much more than a game played in gym class. 

"I don't think a lot of people see dodgeball as a thing to do seriously," Overstreet said. "They just kind of see it as that recess kind of fun you can have."

In fact, the club's president Kevin Frye and its assistant captain Cordell Pressler play professional dodgeball. Even so, through founding this club, Frye said dodgeball is not just for those who think they have the skill to play.

"Every dodgeball player is different and they find their niche, so when someone tells me they can't play dodgeball, that's completely a lie," Frye said.

This perceived lack of skill might be attributed to high schools not allowing dodgeball in gym classes, and if they do, not treating it like a sport, Frye said.

"Just take time to warm up just like any other athlete would so it's not an issue," Frye said. "In gym class, you just go in there and play. You don't take time to warm up and treat it like an exercise."

Dodgeball club regularly accepts new members. Those interested in joining can attend practices from 9-10 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays at the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center RC 141.

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