Does society look at black history in its entirety, or does knowledge of it stop when we leave grade school? 

During Black History Month, the National Association of Black Journalists president Henry Davis said sometimes, too much of a focus is placed on the oppressive history of African Americans, and not on achievements.

"To me, it looks like black history is world history, in my opinion. That's how I've always seen it," Davis said.

"I feel like really just here in America we focus on the slavery period and then where black people have gone since then, but I look at it as our whole existence and what brought us to where we are today." 

And in light of the Interfraternity Council’s social pause lifting for each organization but one, we talked to a local liquor store manager about how business has been.

Rob Hook at Friendly Package Liquors said he wasn’t surprised at the effect the social probation had on his sales — which were about normal compared to this time in years past.

"There's been no real difference. Maybe a shock right when they first did it, there was a difference, but not much," Hook said.

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