Instead of a debate, a moderated question and answer session occurred with only one slate, Amplify, at the Presidential and Vice President Debate Thursday.

Topics from “We Fly” to sexual assault were discussed by presidential candidate Isaac Mitchell and vice presidential candidate Matt Hinkleman.

Here’s some key takeaways from the debate:

Sexual Assault

“This is not an issue that a policy can fix,” Mitchell said. “This isn’t something SGA can solve. Sexual assault is simply not that easy. However, we want to host events to raise awareness about it on campus.”

Mitchell wants to have an expert give a lecture at freshman orientation and host additional events through the Student Government Association throughout the year. 

He said the “Think About It” program doesn’t do enough and because of this, he wants to raise more awareness about sexual assault at orientation.

Freedom of speech

Ball State campus has dealt with racist speech in past semesters, and while this is allowed with freedom of speech, Mitchell said he opposes the ideology behind racist speech.

“I am a supporter of the first amendment. I am a supporter of people having their own opinions,” Mitchell said. “However, as a slate, we do not tolerate any racist rhetoric or any bigotry.”

Additionally, Hinkleman said this type of speech does not comply with Ball State’s mission statement.

“Ball State is extremely accepting,” Hinkleman said. “Any slate should not tolerate racist bigotry of any kind.”

Gender Inclusivity

“Ball State is not doing enough, gender neutral housing is just a step in the right direction,” Mitchell said. “We think student government could do more.”

Mitchell said he plans to do just that by ensuring students are referred to by their preferred name, installing bins for hygienic products in both men’s and women’s restrooms and creating an LGBTQ resource center. 

The new brand “We Fly”

Hinkleman said he supports the university’s efforts to rebrand.

“We think the new logo and branding is honestly just fine,” Hinkleman said. “It’s a little hypercritical to be so critical over the new brand and the new slogan. The university did work very hard on it.”

How Amplify plans to accomplish platform

"It’s about getting started as soon as possible and working hard,” Hinkleman said. “As soon as we are put into office after inauguration, we will get the balls rolling that need to be rolling.”

Hinkleman said in the first 60 days in office and during the summer of 2018, Amplify would be in constant contact with Ball State administration.

Amplify’s Mission

Mitchell and Hinkleman said their main priorities as a slate are inclusivity, academics and student safety.

“Our platform points come from students, ”Mitchell said. “Our number one priority is to represent and amplify the voice of the students on campus.”

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