For the third year in a row, the Ball State Tech Center hosts “Love Your Computer,” a free event in Bracken Library, where students can bring their laptops to get them cleaned and fixed. 

Graduate assistant Tim Stavros said the purpose of the event is to raise awareness about what the Tech Center can do for students.

“Even if it’s the littlest thing like a password change or connecting to the wi-fi or a key is stuck on your keyboard, we’re more than happy to help a student with any kind of problem they may have,” Stavros said.

TechTime supervisor Jenn Eber has participated in Love Your Computer every year it’s been running. She said the creation of the event was spur-of-the-moment.

“My supervisor, it was her idea, kind of a cheesy idea, she said, ‘You know, let’s love your computer,’ and we kinda put it together and the people really loved it,” Eber said. 

Eber said her goal for future "Love Your Computer" events is to have more students come to the Tech Center. 

“I think the 'Love Your Computer' event really is to bring awareness to students that maybe don’t know about the Tech Center,” Eber said. “I think, for me, that’s just a great way to get the word out and get people in the door. Once they get in I want them to know of all the services we have to offer for them.”

Sophomore public relations major Logan Skillman came to the "Love Your Computer" event to get her laptop cleaned, something she plans on doing again next year.  

“It’s cool for those of us that aren’t technology savvy,” Skillman said. “I try to come to the Tech Center whenever I have problems with my computer, which is frequently.”

Freshmen elementary education major Becca Byers came to have her laptop’s touchpad fixed and said she liked the work that the Tech Center has done for her. 

“I got an email and I’ve been having a lot of issues with my laptop so I thought, ‘Hey, cool, why not?’ My touchpad’s being very tricky and has a mind of its own,” Byers said. “I really appreciate it … this is actually the second time I’ve come in for my laptop so I’m really glad we have this and that it’s available.”

Students who can’t make it to the event before it ends at 6:30 p.m., can schedule a free appointment at the Tech Center. 

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