Amplify was elected Student Government Association (SGA) 2018-19 executive slate Tuesday. 

Amplify, which is made up of members Isaac Mitchell, president; Matt Hinkleman, vice president; Kyleigh Snavely, secretary; and Jalen Jones, treasurer, received 77 percent of the votes. 

The slate received 899 of the total 1,172 votes. The remaining 273 votes were in favor of a no confidence vote, meaning the voters did not feel Amplify was qualified to serve as the executive slate.  

“Now we can just do things and get the platform going. That’s the next step then,” Mitchell said. “Let’s get some meetings with administrators scheduled that will make us happy, the students happy, The Daily News happy. It will be great. I am very excited.”

Mitchell said Amplify members will immediately start work on their 16 platform points.

“We want to hit the ground running,” Mitchell said. “We want to talk to all the students and hear their voices and see if we need to adapt any of our points to them.” 

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While Mitchell waited for the announcement, he felt the nerves set in, though not as intensely as a previous time in his life. 

“I was really nervous when I asked my girlfriend to prom in high school, that was a big deal. This is like, a close second, though, for sure,” Mitchell said. “I hate waiting. That is probably one of my worst qualities — patience.”

After Mitchell got the call from Abigail Gibbs, elections board chair, stating Amplify won, he ran to tell “the team.”

Amplify’s slate members and its supporters burst into applause and shared hugs after Mitchell gave the news. The slate received the news in the very place Amplify was first established, in the basement of Bracken Library.

“This is where we had our first campaign meeting and brought everyone together,” Snavely said. “It is kind of cool to end it right here.”

Hinkleman said the team has waited for this moment for the past month and a half.

“It is really fulfilling to think that all this hard work paid off for us. It is a really good feeling,” Hinkleman said. “Now, we get right to work and hit the ground running.”

The slate will be inaugurated April 18 in Cardinal Halls A, B and C in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center at 3:15 p.m. 

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