A Ball State alumnus is returning to campus — but this time, it's to patrol the streets.

Brock Bevans, who graduated July 2017 with a degree in criminal justice and criminology, started the field training program (FTO), a training program that all new Ball State officers go through. The program helps potential officers become familiar with department-specific policies and the layout of campus.

The 24-year-old Yorktown native said he has always wanted to be a police officer, and was inspired by stories from friends and family members who are in law enforcement.

“I also have had many family members who have graduated or have worked for Ball State University,” Bevans said. “They all had positive experiences with the university and hold it in high regard.”

Bevans was hired by the Ball State University Police Department in October 2017 and soon thereafter went to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). 

At ILEA in Plainfield, Indiana, officer Bevans went through basic training, which teaches new police officers from all over the state the specifics of being an officer.

Courses at ILEA span various topics such as physical training, firearms training, vehicle crash investigations, criminal investigation training, physical tactics, domestic violence, emergency vehicle operations and sexual assault training.

“During my 15 weeks of training, I learned a lot about law enforcement, and it provided a good foundation of skills that I can build upon,” Bevans said.

During the FTO program at Ball State, Bevans will train with veteran officers during all three shifts — morning, midday and night. On those shifts, Bevan will be responding to calls and participating in community policing events.

Once Bevans completes the 15-week FTO program, he will be on patrol by himself. Bevans said he is most looking forward to meeting and interacting with people around campus.

“Having graduated from Ball State, I knew what a good place it was, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me,” Bevans said.

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