This afternoon:Cloudy conditions prevailing throughout most of the day. Afternoon temperatures mostly sitting at 25, but will eventually make way up to 30 as the high. 

Tonight:Cloudy conditions still hanging onto into the evening hours as temperatures decrease overnight. By 11 PM EST, temperatures will be at 13 degrees. An extra layer or two are needed for any evening plans.

Tomorrow:Mosly sunny conditions throughout the full day, although temperatures only ranging up to the mid-twenties. By 3 PM temperatures will be at 26 degrees but will begin to taper off afterwards.

7-Day Forecast:Temperatures staying right around the average for this time of year, not much variation throughout the next seven days. As we get into this weekend we will be monitoring closely chances for rain, snow, or a wintery mix as temperatures stay right around freezing. 

 -- Weather Forecaster Liz Szewczyk

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