A Ball State professor emeritus announced his candidacy for Indiana Secretary of State Friday.

George Wolfe, who once was the former director of Ball State’s Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, will serve as the Green party’s candidate in this year’s November elections, according to his campaign website.

“It is up to us to wrestle the power away from the wealthy 1%,” the website reads. “Both political parties have become beholden to rich donors and engage in corrupt practices like gerrymandering and voter suppression.”

As Indiana Secretary of State, Wolfe said he would focus mainly on solving social issues affecting voters, such as increasing voter participation, establishing Election Day as a statewide holiday and ending gerrymandering.

Currently, Wolfe’s campaign is focusing on getting enough signatures to place him on the ballot when it comes time to vote in November. His campaign will need over 30,000 signatures to be included.