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As an online multimedia publication, Byte covers entertainment, tech, and popular culture




Byte is a student-run, multimedia coalition operating out of Ball State’s Unified Media. As an online multimedia publication, Byte covers entertainment, tech, and popular culture. Byte produces Checkpoint, a weekly news series and various podcasts. Students also have the opportunity to write reviews, news, and features that are published on Byte’s website. 

What Content Does Byte Produce?

There are no limits as to what students can write about. Anything related to pop culture is fair game, so members of Byte have an opportunity to write what they’re passionate about in fun, engaging, and in-depth ways. Additionally, Byte does write ups about local events. So Ball State students will be able to be in the know about nearby events relating to pop culture. Whatever form of entertainment it is, Byte will be there to review to make sure you’re in the know. 

Byte doesn't just produce articles, Byte members also produce podcasts including: Animation A-Team, The Coven, Remixed and Input 2. Animation A-Team explores anime and American animation. The Coven is a feminist podcast, focusing on analyzing pop culture through a feminist lense. Remixed is focus on music news, reviews, and remarks. And Input 2 is focused on movies and television. 

Additionally, Byte members produce a video series called “Pop Tabs”. In which students keep tabs on all things pop culture. By tuning into this video series, you’ll be able to keep up to date on Byte’s entertainment, tech, and culture discussion. 

As an important member of Unified Media, students can gain an insight into pop culture through the lens of Ball State Students. Additionally, by reading reviews of all things entertainment from fellow Ball State students, students are more likely to resonate with someone from their demographic. 

What are the Benefits of Joining Byte?

The students that join Byte are able to get hands on experience to editing and different software programs. Along with attending workshops that teach valuable skills. Faculty are also always ready to lend a helping hand in order to help guide students in the best direction. 

There is also a lot of fun to be had that comes along with being a member of Byte. Since Byte reviews entertainment, they are able to get press passes to places like Indy Scream Park and different Film Festivals so they can be the first to experience and review new forms of entertainment.

Byte is also a great opportunity to work collaboratively. Since Byte is a member of Unified Media, the Unified Media Lab is a great location for students to work with one another and gain insight and perspective from other students. 

Looking to join? Don’t worry - there are no requirements, any Ball State student is able to join Byte! All you have to do is send Byte a message on Bennylink or head over to the Unified Media Lab and stop by the Byte pod. 

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