Bethel Ave. Dairy Queen plans to re-open in summer

After a Muncie Dairy Queen location caught on fire in early Sept., the owners have been working on getting the location back open.  They plan to re-open the store this summer.  

Matt Anderson, owner of the Dairy Queens of Muncie, says that the Bethel Ave. location is the busiest of the three locations in Muncie.  Anderson also says that store sees the highest traffic from Ball State students.

“There’s another [Dairy Queen location] over on McGalliard, but it’s like kinda far away,” says Sidney Barkdull, a student at Ball State. “People who don’t really leave campus that much, it’s kind of a hassle.”

Anderson says that the Bethel location being closed has hurt business.  He says that the McGalliard location, near the Muncie Mall has seen higher sales.  

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