Our View: Moving forward with MCS, Ball State must strive for transparency

AT ISSUE: The Ball State Daily News weighs in on our university's possible takeover of the Muncie School Corporation.

President Geoffrey S. Mearns has advocated to bridge the gap between Ball State and the greater Muncie community since beginning his time in office. This decision, although not initiated by Mearns, gives those at Ball State a push to move forward and further advance Mearns' "better together" vision. 

Success for this plan, however, is contingent on a stewardship founded on trust. 

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The expectation for transparency is greater now than ever before. We can be better together, but Ball State must stand for what it advocates. Transparency between Ball Sate and Muncie must be guaranteed during this transitional period. 

The immediate public response has been positive. However, the people of Muncie — including teachers and parents of MCS students — have not yet had a say on the proposal.

On one hand, the amendment could help MCS improve enrollment and sustainability. On the other, it could continue to leave the future of Muncie in Ball State's hands, creating a one-sided relationship.

Without a clear timeline, support from community leaders and communication between Muncie and Ball State, we're left wondering how this proposal will fly without transparency and mutual trust under its wings. 


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