New radar speed signs put up to slow down campus

Chance McKibben, DN
Chance McKibben, DN

A new reminder against speeding appeared in four places on campus about two weeks ago.

University Police, in conjunction with Ball State’s public safety committee, agreed radar speed signs would be a proactive measure in keeping pedestrians safe on campus.

“We tried to put them strategically where we felt the most visually effective,” said University Police Chief Jim Duckham.

As well as being noticeable, the signs were placed at the edges of campus to remind drivers of their speed before reaching central parts of campus where pedestrians are the most numerous, Duckham said.

This is part of a continued effort by the university to increase pedestrian safety, including decreasing the speed limit on McKinley Avenue from 30 miles per hour to 20 in April.

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Jake Atwood, a senior telecommunications major, said the flashing signs work for him.

“I feel like I subconsciously slow down if I see that I’m above the speed limit on the radar speed sign,” Atwood said.

Will Hippe, a freshman finance major, said that despite the initial annoyance of the signs, they are good for campus.

“While it can be a tad bit annoying, like naggy of a reminder, I think it’s important in student safety," Hippe said. "It’s definitely not worth speeding to end up hitting someone or putting other students’ lives in danger." 

Duckham clarified that while the signs watch drivers’ speed, they do not take photos of vehicles or license plates when flashing. 

“There’s so much pedestrian traffic, especially around McKinley and the Rec Center,” Duckham said. “We really want people to slow down.”

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