Your health in their hands

Experts discuss the politicization of health care.

The issue of health is something that affects everyone, whether it be experienced personally or through a loved one. People will get sick, but with the advancements in modern-day antibiotics, a lot of maladies can be cured. However, access to these antibiotics can come at a cost—sometimes too high of a cost, even if it is a vital part of helping that person get better. This is where the issue of health care comes into play and the kind of health care that you have is greatly affected by policies made by those in government. Some of these policies can be seen benefiting the greater good and others not so much.

Many argue that the responsibility of making sure that all Americans are covered falls on the government, but not everyone can agree which leaves policy makers unable to satisfy everyone, causing an endless flaw in the health care system. While there are some policies placed in effect to help ensure a wide-range of coverage to everyone, such as The Healthy Indiana Plan or Medicare, they still fail to please and help everyone. Even after an increase of 5.8 percent in health care spending in 2015 to reach $3.2 trillion dollars, it still seems to fall short to meet the needs of Americans.

In order to gain a deeper understanding on why the issue of health has become more politicized, four professionals offer up their thoughts based on what they have witnessed and noticed in the health care system. 

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