Unities, a new label from Sony Music, will publish video game titles on platforms such as the Nintendo Switch and PC, according to an announcement this week.

The new publisher’s first game, Tiny Metal, a military strategy simulator, will launch this fall on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Max OS. Additional projects are in the pipeline, named Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche. Sony Music, in a press release, said the goal of Unities is “to unearth high-quality [indie] titles … and utilize SME’s vast entertainment business wisdom in order to expose them to as many consumers as possible."

Unties represents Sony (as a corporation) having interests in gaming beyond its own PlayStation brand.

Sony has had other ventures in gaming outside PlayStation before. Sony Online Entertainment (of EverQuest fame) developed and published games for the PC platform, before being spun-off as Daybreak Game Company.

Sources: Gamespot, Gamasutra

Images: Polygon, Tinymetal

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