Cooler temperatures stick around

Tonight: The chance for a passing shower remains in place for tonight, with temperatures dipping down into the middle to upper 30s.

Tomorrow: Waking up temperatures will be very chilly. Be sure to grab your jacket for tomorrow! The chance for a stray shower is possible throughout the day with mostly cloudy conditions.

7-Day Forecast: Temperatures will get into the upper to muddle 50s for Thursday with beautiful conditions. Rain returns on Friday as our next frontal boundary makes its way through, temperatures will remain in the upper 50s. The chance for rain will hang around for Saturday, with a cooler temperatures. Rain clears out for Sunday, with highs in the upper 40s, with partly sunny conditions. The start of the week looks nice, as temperatures remain in the lower 50s, for Monday, and then dropping back down on Halloween. Be sure to keep the jacket handy this week! 

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--- Weather Forecaster Molly Coates