Allegré, a student-run restaurant, will serve Jewish cuisine in an atmosphere inspired by the Lower East side of New York with the theme “New Year, New York” on Tuesday.

Each meal served is an assignment for the students of the restaurant management class "Family and Consumer Sciences: Foods and Nutrition." Students are assigned a meal to plan and choose the style of dish based on a specific region or culture in the United States. 

On Tuesday, the restaurant will be run by senior dietetics majors Rachel Erdman and Carly Spirito. 

The meal will be served at 5:30 p.m. in the Applied Technology building Room 104. A meal costs $15 and a reservation must be made in advance, but students receive a 10 percent discount. 

Erdman said they met with their professor, Clemens Averbeck, and worked to perfect the meal and make changes to the menu over a period of four weeks. 

“I am front-of-the-house manager, so I was in charge of planning our theme, creating centerpieces and ambiance in the restaurant and finding guests,” Erdman said.

While Erdman runs the front of restaurant, Spirito is in charge of the back, which comes with a different set of responsibilities.

“I planned our menu and compiled all of the recipes, then made revisions to them according to what will work best in the Allegré kitchen,” Spirito said. “I delegated back-of-the-house roles for each of my classmates, such as chef, sous chef, and then wrote out a schedule for the tasks that they will complete in preparation for our meal.

“I was also in charge of making sure that all the ingredients needed to prepare each of the dishes was ordered. I also planned the meal's presentation, so how everything will be plated after it is prepared.” 

Spirito said she and Erdman chose to be partners because they have been working together on projects since their freshman year.

"We know as a team what each of our strengths are, and for that reason we are able to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively," she said. "Since we know each other, we aren’t afraid to critique the other person’s work.”

They considered many things when choosing their menu and atmosphere for the night, including the fact that Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, will begin at sundown on Wednesday.

“Half of my family is Jewish and [Spirito] worked at a Jewish camp all summer, so that is a culture we are both close with,” Erdman said. 

A main course with a regular and vegetarian option, as well as bread, an appetizer and a dessert, will be served. 

Erdman said she is both excited and anxious for Tuesday night. 

“This is a completely new experience for me, but I love trying new things and challenging myself, and this class is perfect for that,” Erdman said.