Editor's note: Muncie Origins is a Ball State Daily News series profiling various businesses that originated in Muncie.

Victor Carrillo, owner of Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House, prides himself in his customer service and works hard to take care of his customers.

Carrillo had previously worked at King’s Gyros in the village, but it was eventually closed and he had to find a new way to pursue his passion. 

“I wanted to open a place where I could serve the food that I like,” Carrillo said. “Since King’s closed, I couldn’t find anywhere close to get gyros, so I decided to open my own place.”

Carrillo’s brother encouraged him to serve breakfast food, having previously owned a pancake house, so the two opened Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House in 2009. 

Eventually, however, Carrillo’s brother lost faith in the business and moved on to manage a different restaurant in Indianapolis, making Carrillo the sole owner.

Carrillo admits that he has been in business for far longer than he expected, but with four employees he is always working to improve his restaurant.

“It’s not about luck, it’s about putting in the effort to make your business successful,” Carrillo said.

One of the biggest struggles that Carrillo has faced is finding dedicated employees. He knows that there are hardworking Ball State students that would do a good job, but he does not feel that he has been able to find one yet. 

“I want employees that take ownership on the job and work to do a good job,” Carrillo said.

Sydney King, senior elementary education major, appreciates that she can get her “breakfast fill” at any time at Victor’s.

“Victor’s reminds me of breakfast places back home,” King said. “There is a home-like vibe at Victor’s that I haven’t found in any other breakfast place in Muncie.”

In attempt to attract more customers, Carrillo posts daily deals on the restaurant’s Facebook page, offers students a 10 percent discount and has a drive through to speed up orders.

Carillo said that he sees the most Ball State students on weekends when their parents come to visit and he hopes to continue to see more students in his restaurant.