Proposed Mounds Greenway supports active lifestyles

<p><em>The Great Mound // Photo by Wikimedia</em></p>

The Great Mound // Photo by Wikimedia

The new proposed Mounds Greenway will give residents from Anderson to Muncie a chance to interact and get active. The greenway will extend from Mounds State Park in Anderson all the way to Muncie to connect with the Cardinal Greenway. This will create more running and biking paths for healthier lifestyles.

Mounds State Park is thriving and bringing thousands of tourists per month to the park. The recently proposed Mounds Greenway from the Hoosier Environmental Council will further enhance the popularity and growth of this park for the foreseeable future. This greenway will also extend this growth to other cities along the White River.

“The conservation end of the Mounds Greenway proposal to me is extremely appealing,” says Elliot Reed, a chairman on the board of directors with the Heart of the River. “It protects a free flowing river. It conserves these massive trees and full growth forests that we have and certain pockets along the river.”

According to the Hoosier Environmental Council, the Mounds Greenway would be a linear park that follows the White River, approximately 2,300 acres, and would be a trail connection from the western part of the White River greenway in Muncie and the eastern part of the Anderson White River trail. This project will cost approximately $15-40 million. 

There are several parks in different towns along the White River that will be included in this conservation plan. Morrow’s Meadow park in Yorktown, Shellabarger park in Daleville and Lawbridge Acres in Chesterfield will all be connected through this greenway proposal.

The HEC gave a potential list of benefits that could come out of this project: more biking trips to environmental conservation. This could also lead to many health benefits in East Central Indiana. The HEC estimated that there will be over $13 million in total annual benefits as a result of the proposed greenway.

According to the HEC officials, funding will come from grants. On their website, there is a list of funding sources that will help build this multi-million dollar greenway.

“Building a better quality of place, a clean and healthy environment, opportunities for physical activity will help encourage people to remain here and raise their families,” said Tim Maloney, the senior policy director with the HEC. “It will encourage young people who grew up here and left to come back.”

“I’m not a big runner but I do love to bike,” said Nick Thomas, a very active athlete. “I am graduating next year so I do hope that this plan gets approved and is ready for me to bike on it before I leave. If not I might just have to come back and check it out.”

Plans for this proposal are still moving forward. The funds for the proposed greenway are growing as there are more than 45 companies in support of the project. Many individuals are also pushing for this greenway to be approved and built. 


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