Hannah Schau is a sophomore journalism major and writes "Hannah's Hot Topics" for the Daily News. Her views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Hannah at hschau@bsu.edu.

Hannah Schau

Being in your 20s is a stressful time. You feel like you should have your life figured out and know what you’re doing, yet you still find yourself eating Kraft mac 'n cheese while watching Netflix. But what is even more stressful is going back home for the summer or holidays.

Dreading family get-togethers is something most people in their 20s can relate too. Knowing you’ll have to answer to people who expect so much of you is beyond stressful. We get bombarded with questions such as, “Are you going to college? What’s your major? What’s your plan?” These are just some questions that we’ve all heard at least a dozen times. We are a generation that is expected to have our lives figured out, and if we don’t we are automatically considered a failure.

Millennials often get looked down upon by the older generation. There are so many reasons why that shouldn’t happen.

First of all, we get criticized for expecting everything to just happen for us, when instead maybe we are just big dreamers. We like to dream big for ourselves and like to think that whatever our passion is in life it will lead us to do great things. We all want to make it big and we won’t settle for anything less. With this, we are hardly ever taken seriously by older adults. When we express these dreams and what we would like to do with our lives we get looked down on. If it’s not a typical 9 to 5 job, being married and having kids, then it shouldn’t or won’t happen. The pressure is on.

In today’s world, not going to college is almost impossible. Our parents’ generation didn’t have to go and could still be successful in their career; however, now you have to go to college for almost everything. Hell, even if you want to be a bartender you could go to school for that. The point is, no matter what the older generation thinks, we have to work hard for our accomplishments.

We are so much more open-minded than the rest. We will be friends with anyone. We don’t care if you have piercings and tattoos covering your whole body, if you have purple hair, if you’re LGBTQ or what color you are: if you’re an OK person, you can sit with us.

For this we might even consider ourselves more diverse and cultured. A lot of us want to travel the world, meet different people, see new things; not just come home to a white picket fence every day.

Millennials aren’t perfect, and I don’t think we’ve ever claimed to be, but cut us some slack. We are trying our best in today’s crazy world and regardless of what people think, we should be proud of ourselves.