A quick return to winter, but not before some thunderstorms


MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- Warm temperatures are going to hang around for another 2 days as it seems records continue to fall around the country as many places are breaking their records for high temperatures. Friday we will reach 70 degrees, but there is an enhanced risk for severe storms. The primary threat as of right now is damaging winds, but the chances for severe hail and an isolated tornado are increasing slightly as we get closer to the day. Saturday temperatures will drop enough to where we will see some snow mixing in with some rain on Saturday as the high won't even make it out of the low 40s. Sunday seems to be the pick of the 7 days as we will see a bit of sunshine return to the forecast, but more seasonal temperatures. So if you are headed out on Sunday, you will need to take the coast with you. Monday through Wednesday we will remain pretty wet as we have some good rain chances beginning on Monday night and persisting through Wednesday. Fortunately though temperatures will begin to climb up to the mid 50s. For all of your weather updates make sure to follow us on Twitter @NLIWeather. 


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