Cloudy and Cold Temperatures Continue


We started out quite chilly this morning with lows in the teens and even single digits in some places. 


Wind gusts increase overnight making temperatures quite chilly. Lows will be the in the upper 20s to lower 30s. It will fell like the upper teens in some areas. 


Tomorrow morning for your commute expect those wind chills to stay cool with feel like temperatures in the 20s. You will need the heavy winter coat, hat, and gloves out the door in the morning. We are expecting a slight warm up throughout the days reachign highs in the upper 30s by the afternoon. Wind still staying pretty high from 10-15mph. We could see some flurries as well througout the day.


Tuesday Night

Lows will be near freezing for Tuesday evening. Cloudy conditions will continue, and we can't rule out some flurries falling. 

7-Day Forecast


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