SGA eager to work with new president

Along with the Ball State students and staff, the Student Government Association is preparing to work closely with President Geoffrey S. Mearns. 

SGA represents the student body and works directly with the president and university administration to pass legislation in order to make changes to the university.

James Wells, SGA president, worked as a member of the presidential search committee and called the opportunity a "honor" and "privilege." 

Though Wells only met with Mearns once during an interview, he said he was "highly impressed" with the new president. 

"He is quite student-centered ... that was one of the first things [noticed] in the interview," Wells said. "He was focused on the student and putting us first. I'm sure the student body here will enjoy and come to admire Dr. Jeff Mearns."

Emily Halley, SGA treasurer, said she is looking forward to working with Mearns. 

"I'm excited to get to know our new president," Halley said. "I have full trust in our selection committee and that they selected the best candidate."

Hunter Schubert, SGA chair of the off-campus caucus, said he hopes Mearns will visit SGA and work with them in their future initiatives while keeping an open dialogue. 

"I am hopeful that he will continue the tradition of an inclusive, active campus," Schubert said. 

Mearns will not assume power until August and by that time, Wells will have graduated and a new SGA president and executive board will be in place. 

Wells said SGA plans on gathering a progress report of what they have done to help the board work with Mearns and his administration. 

Wells wants to ensure that new slate will be able to "represent the voice" and make sure the university president is aware of SGA's duties and responsibilities. 


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