For many students, graduation comes with a choice — stay in Indiana and work or seek employment elsewhere.

According to United Van Lines, graduates are choosing the latter.

Ball State, along with four other Indiana schools, signed on to a project that will help students find employment in Indiana after graduation.

More information about PERL can be found here.

The program, initiated by Citizens Energy Group, is called Citizens’ Partnership for Excellence in Research and Learning (PERL).

The program presents many career, research and educational opportunities as a way of inspiring students to embark on careers in Indiana.

“We want the best and brightest to join our team and the teams of our vendor partners,” said Citizens President and CEO Jeffery Harrison in a press release. “We believe Indiana universities have a vast talent pool from which to choose so we are working hard to engage those students before they seek jobs out of state or even out of the country.”

Citizens Energy Group, a utility service company, has 20 ongoing projects that range from students taking tours of their water and wastewater treatment plants all the way to including senior design projects.

Ball State, Purdue University, IUPUI, University of Indianapolis and Trine University have all signed partnership agreements with PERL. CEG in the process of adding six more schools to that list.

According to the Van Lines study, which tracks people who moved with the company, 54 percent of movers in Indiana were moving out of the state. Out of that group, 66 percent said the move was job related.

CEG is currently trying to expand PERL to include students earlier on in their college career and employees who may not have a college degree.

More information about PERL can be found here.